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Manufacturer: Resource id #8
reference number: 2562
1 piece BJD Mud Hog breaker \ " mud pig \ " breaker size: 4,272 mm weight: 23 t. Processing of flush material with high degree of moisture (e.g., from clay with a moisture contents of 40%). Breakage and mixing in an operation. From e.g., schist (slate) and stone can be won high fines. Production by mineral fillings for garbage dumps, without Betonit must be added. Suitably for the following materials / operational areas: Mineral fillings of clay to the base sealing and cover of garbage dumps, burnt clay, ores, carbon, slates, chalk, limestone, mixing of contaminated earth with substrate. CONSTRUCTION ATTRIBUTE FRAME Welded steel construction, equipped with interchangeable (compatible) chilled cast iron - or steel disguising and outside mounted standing storage. To make easier the servicing, access doors exist. The output of discharge stays partially open, so that impurity can pass the machine as a rule without damaging them. Still, all impurities from the filling material should be removed before they can reach in the machine. ROTOR The rotor is composed of steel discs which are mounted on an axle which is hung up in sealed bracket. The hammers which are so constructed that they are suitable for the material to be chopped up are held by bolts which are screwed together with the steel screws. The bolts can be easily removed for the exchange of the hammers by openings in the side frame of the machine. SHEAR PLATE The shear plate is an endless tape from separately screwed and interchangeable steel limbs linked with each other. The actuation occurs trough a gearwheel engine with a chain - and spur gear impulse. The operating angle of shear plate operates an optimum crushing and a minimum of abrasion originates in record and hammering. The distance between the shear plate and the hammers is easily adjustable to fulfil the different requirements for the final product.