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ERC 18/14
Primary Crusher: Qty (1) Eccentric Roll Crusher ERC® 18 – 14 Scope of Supply ITEM DESCRIPTION QTY BASE CRUSHER C-1 Eccentric Roll Crusher ERC® 18 – 14 - Crusher Housing, - Jaw, hydraulically supported - Eccentric Crushing Roll - Hydraulic Gap Adjustment and Overload Protection System - Jaw Hood - Integral grizzly 1 Drive Components with guard 1 Automatic Grease Lubrication System 1 Standard maintenance tools 1 Crusher base frame incl. partial lining 1 Pre-assembly of major parts 1 Detailed Basis of Design Site Location and Climatic Condition DESCRIPTION DETAILS Site Location Germany Altitude, mASL < 1,000 m a.s.l. (assumed) Temperature, °C (Min / Max) -20°C to +35°C (assumed) Design Data Material Type Unknown Material feed Description Free flowing (assumed) Ore specific gravity (design) 2.5 t/m3 (assumed) Ore Bulk Density (design) 1.6 t/m3 (assumed) Moisture content (max) 3 % Clay Content (maximum): Nil (assumed) Feed Material Screened: Yes/No) No Bond Crushing Work Index (CWi) 11 kWh/t (assumed) Compressive Strength 120 MPa (assumed) Gap setting CSS Approx. 100 mm (Range: 70 – 220 mm) Feed Size F100* 900 mm Feed size distribution Size [mm] Passing [%] 900 100 800 98 500 90 330 74 305 70 279 65 254 60 229 55 203 50 178 42 152 35 127 29 102 23 76 18 51 13 38 11 25 9 19 8 2 3 Throughput capacity – Nominal ≥ 450 tph Product size (P80)* ≤ 110 mm Electrical and Instrumentation DESCRIPTION DETAILS Standards IEC HT Voltage N/A LT Voltage 400 V (assumed) Frequency 50 Hz (assumed) Control Voltage 24 V DC Analog Signals Analogue: 4-20 mA; Digital: 24 V DC Technical Description Operating Principle The Eccentric Roll Crusher ERC® 18 – 14 is a compact, reliable and powerful crusher for primary crushing applications with a compact design including an integrated scalping grizzly. Below figure 2 shows the principle sketch of the Eccentric Roll Crusher. The eccentrically arranged crushing roll is located between the crushing chamber and the scalping grizzly (screening chamber). The crushing chamber is equipped with an adjustable jaw. The feed material (ROM = Run of Mine) will be fed in a large inlet area, by a feeder (i.e. apron feeder, vibrating feeder, push feeder etc.). This feed material will be divided into two partial material flows. The undersize material will pass through the screen chamber and fall onto the discharge conveyor. The scalped oversize material will be transported into the crushing chamber and will be crushed between the eccentrically moving crushing roll and the adjustable toggle (fixed jaw). The crushed material returns to the same discharge conveyor as the pre-scalped fines (crushed material falls onto the layer of scalped fine material). Due to the eccentric crushing roll movement, the stroke in the crushing chamber on every point in the crushing chamber the same. This principle leads to higher crushing intensity and better crushing results compared to other crusher types. One of the significant advantages of this crusher principle is the integral grizzly before the crushing chamber. The pre-scalping and by-passing of fines reduces the crusher’s overall power consumption, the wear in the crushing chamber as well as possible compaction issue in the crushing chamber. The amount of moist fines transported to the crushing chamber will be much less as it will be reduced by the integral grizzly. All this improves significantly the efficiency of this Crusher. The unique curved design of the crushing chamber avoids that slab material will fall directly through the crushing chamber and courses issues in the downstream equipment (chutes, transfer points etc.) Due to this design the Eccentric Roll Crusher produces a more cubical product compared to a common jaw crusher. Equipment Description C-1 Eccentric Roll Crusher ERC® 18 – 14 Crusher Housing The modular crusher housing simplifies transport, assembly and maintenance. The upper and lower support tube are connected to the side wall with bolts and patented conical locking bolts. The side walls of the crusher housing are made of sheet steel and are very stiff thanks to the so-called sandwich construction. Front and end wall are welded and reinforced to withstand the acting forces. The rigidity of the crusher housing has been checked by means of FEA-calculations. Finally, the housing parts are subjected to a stress-relieving heat treatment. Jaw, hydraulically supported The Jaw mainly consisting of: · The fixed jaw made of high quality reinforced cast structure · The replaceable upper and lower jaw liners, made of manganesealloyed special steel Eccentric Crushing Roll The crushing roll mainly consisting of: · The forged roll body · The roll liners with replaceable casted segments, made of manganese-alloyed special steel · The eccentric shaft, made of pre-forged alloyed special steel · The reinforced self-aligning roller bearings supporting the eccentric shaft in the housing and in the roll, are designed for a longest service life and temporary overload · Sealing arrangement of the antifriction bearings · Bearing sleeves are used to ensure easy assembly and disassembly of the bearings and protection of the eccentric shaft. · Set of Flywheels. Employed flywheels with high moments of inertia are generating a high crushing energy. This keeps the power consumption of the electric motor at a largely constant level and reduces the risk of a standstill of the electric motor due to overload. One disk is designed as V-belt pulley with tread grooves. The flywheels are mounted to the eccentric shaft by means of tangent key assemblies. Hydraulic Gap Adjustment and Overload Protection System The gap is adjustable by one integral hydraulic cylinder. This allows optimizing the final product size according to the requirements and to warrant a constant final product despite of any wear. In case of overload, the increased pressure in the hydraulic cylinder will be released by a safety valve and allows opening the gap very quickly to overload. This patent system allows the adjustment of the gap width over a wide range. Hydraulic unit and ERCmatic will be FAT tested. Jaw Hood The replaceable crusher Jaw Hood mainly consisting of: · The jaw hood made of a ribbed and reinforced casted and welded steel structure. · The replaceable crushing jaw liner. · Wedge for fixing of the jaw hood. The replaceable Hood allows easy access to the Crushing Roll and Jaw for easy maintenance. The Jaw Hood allows an optimizing feed of the crushing chamber. Integral grizzly The Integral Grizzly mainly consisting of: · The bolted base frame as modular design. · The rotatable grizzly bars out of wear resistant steel. Drive System with guard A multiple standard V-belt drive with intermediate shaft provides the link between the crusher and the main electric motor. The drive system will be supplied with a removable guard. Main Drive Motor Data (not included in scope) Motor Type: Squirrel Cage Kilowatts: 250 kW Speed: approx. 1,000 rpm Supply: 400 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz Enclosure: IP 55 Mounting Type: Horizontal Foot Insulation: Class F Cooling: Fan Cooled with Built-in-Air Cooler Bearing Type: Anti-friction Bearing Lubrication: Grease Starting method: DOL - VFD (by others) Drive type: V-Belt Set of Central Lubrication System The central grease lubrication system ensures an automatic and continuous grease supply to the lubricating points of the crushing roll bearings and the intermediate shaft of the drive.
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