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Hersteller: ThyssenKrupp
Referenznummer: 6557

Kubria F/M90 Kubria G 90 Kubria F/M 130 Kubria G 130
Cone Crusher: o Qty (1) Kubria® FM 130 o Qty (2) Kubria® G 130 o Qty (1) Kubria® FM 90 o Qty (1) Kubria® G 90 Scope of Supply ITEM DESCRIPTION QTY C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4 Cone Crusher - FLSmidth Kubria® 5 Each Cone Crusher including: Hydraulic/ Lubrication system 5 Dust Seal Blower 5 Special Tools 5 Oil-to-Air Heat Exchangers (Coolers) 5 Electronic Control System KUBRIAMATIC® 5 Drive system 5 Mounting frame 5 Detailed Basis of Design Site Location and Climatic Condition DESCRIPTION DETAILS Site Location Germany Altitude, mASL < 1,000 m a.s.l. (assumed) Temperature, °C (Min / Max) -20°C to +35°C (assumed) Design Data Material Type Unknown Material feed Description Free flowing (assumed) Ore specific gravity (minimum) 2.5 t/m3 (assumed) Ore Bulk Density (minimum) 1.6 t/m3 (assumed) Moisture content < 5% (assumed) Clay Content (maximum): Nil (assumed) Feed Material Screened (Yes/No) Yes (assumed) Bond Crushing Work Index (CWi) 10 kWh/t (assumed) Compressive Strength 120 MPa (assumed) Feed Size F100* Kubria FM 130-18 140 mm Kubria G 130-50 400 mm Kubria FM 90-08 60 mm Kubria G 90-33 264 mm Standards IEC HT Voltage N/A LT Voltage 400 V (assumed) Frequency 50 Hz (assumed) Control Voltage 24 V DC Analog Signals Analogue: 4-20 mA; Digital: 24 V DC
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