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Our executive associate Dr.Ing. Michael Oldengott (MSc) has designed and sold several hundred crushers, screening units and complete processing plants at 3BTEC and its predecessor 3Bsysteme and products.

In the early nineties, for example, he designed and manufactured the first crusher on a hook lift (better known as container system), the hydraulic system crusher for undercuts, the mini mobile crusher and roller bar with rubber rollers for sorting plants first of all.

These construction principles then became used as the standard for hundreds of mobile crushers built ever since. Under Mr. Oldengott's leadership, a beating role type crusher was deployed above ground for the first time in the eighties. Ever since, this type of crusher has been essential to the mineral processing industry.

In the early nineties, the manufacturing company Pegson was a no-name company on the European mineral processing market. The brand was introduced to Germany under the leadership of Mr. Oldengott. The sale of several hundred crushers and crusher plants within five years established Pegson Ltd in Germany and Europe and so the company rose to be one of the leading providers of mineral processing technology.

Having this background knowledge about technology and markets and with craftsmen having sound knowledge about the specific problems of mineral processing technology gained through longstanding experience, we at 3BTEC are in the position to act on (almost) any request within the mineral processing industry.


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