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 O&K/KRUPPC400 other machines and aggregates : extracting digger and suction dredger 

revious use: excavation of mining spoil to coal and coal-bed
Material extracted: clayey to gravely material, coal

Model: O&K 1415
Year of construction: 1989
Operating hours: 28850

Theoretical capacity: 3300 mÂł/h
Empty weight: 453 t
Weight in operation: 478 t
Bulk spoil weight: 1.6 t
Machine operation: Electro-hydraulic


Max. cutting height: 15.00 m
Cutting depth: -1.00 m
Extended length of machine: 45.50 m

Outreach of bucket wheel
(wheel on travelling level): 16.00 m
Outreach from discharge
drum to machine centre: 25.00 m

Max. height of machine: 15.60 m
Crawler width: 10.60 m
Track shoe width: 2.40 m

Discharge height Unloading boom: 4.00 m – 13.00 m

Average ground pressure: 122 kpa

Bucket wheel travel speed: 0 - 10 m/min

Bucket wheel

Wheel diameter across cutting lips: 8.74 m
Number of buckets: 12
Bucket capacity: 630 litres
Discharges / min.: 89
Theoretical capacity: 3300 mÂł
Working speed: 3.25 m/s
Rotation speed: 7.4/min
Wheel driving power: 2 x 220 KW

Conveyor belts

Belt width: 1400 mm
Troughing: 40°
Belt speed: 4.40m/s


Negotiation of incline, changing sites: 10% 1:10
When working: 10% 1:10

Electrical system

Supply voltage: 6000V, 50Hz
Motor power installed: 969KW
Motor voltage: 380V
Light voltage: 220V
Loading belt capacity: 160KW
Unloading belt capacity: 160KW
Solenoid valve control: 24V
Cable length approx.: 400m

The electric motors, control boxes and electric controls are all Siemens components. The
room housing the electric controls on the bucket wheel is fitted with air-conditioning.
The machine has four large electric motors that drive the hydraulic pumps at 335 KW. The
hydraulic solenoid valves are controlled by a 24-volt system.
The conveyor belts for the loading belt and unloading belt are electrically driven. All other
components are hydraulic.
The cable drum with approx. 450m cable is located at the back of the machine between the
two crawlers. The cable drum works automatically when the machine moves.

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O&K/KRUPP-C400-other machines and aggregates  : extracting digger and suction dredger  

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